Keep Us On Air

To keep providing West Yorkshire with the best in local content, music and entertainment through these unsettling times is no easy feat, and comes with a large bill.

Because Best Radio is ran on a voulenteer basis, theres no large pot to keep Best Radio on air, and the upkeep is paid directly out of pocket, and on a long term basis, it just simply is not sustatinable as we grow. 

We are asking West Yorkshire for help. We want to keep providing West Yorkshire with TRUE local radio, and to be able to do this, we need a favour.

We’re asking for donations to help keep Best Radio on air. The money raised is used for things like PPL and PRS, the licences we require by law to stream music. Equipment and broadcast software that the team use to for their shows. Server upkeep that handles the website. These are just a few things on the ever growing list of things that need to be paid.

Every single donation is appricated. No matter how big or small. Your kind donations help keep us on the air waves. So thank you!

Amount Raised This Month